Advice on PoE camera setup

There is no mention of an ETA. It took a few days the first time I requested this resolved for another account (addressing it on an account basis). Now that it is a known general issue I am not sure how long the preventative general fix will be for the underlying issue.

I would guess by Friday we should hear something.

@jwcsurety …OK thanks… Another thing I forgot to mention about the SVR…bare with me on my explanation…but all my POE cameras work as intended with the SVR not connected to the network…What I mean is the video is not “laggy” or “jittery” Its nice and smooth. However, when the SVR is connected to the network, the cameras live video is glitchy and stutters. Does that make sense. I have troubleshooted all the normal things like reset router, modem, cables etc…I know its the SVR causing the issue because when I am viewing the live feed for my PoE cameras on my phone or laptop with the SVR disconnected, the video is nice and smooth, but as I am still watching the video and connect the SVR, as the SVR boots and then green lights on the back come on as each camera connects, the video for that particular camera starts to have issues and begins to stutter and by lagging. Make sense?

If you disable wifi and put your phone on cellular data only and try the same test is there any difference?

Ill try that now…I just made an edit to my post because I mixed a few words up, but you seem to understand what i was saying…give me a minute to test.

@jwcsurety ok. I’m on att and only pulling 4-5 Mbps but with Wi-Fi off and the SVR NOT plugged in the live video feed is glitchy and laggy.

So, similar to your other thread here, does this happen on other phone models which are not using iOS 15?

Unfortunately we all have iPhones running iOS 15. Sorry

I assume you are just gathering info from me to help narrows things down but my other thread was more concerned about playback after it was recorded rather than this current issue with the live feed when the SVR is connected to the network. Just making that clear in case I wasn’t clear in my description.

Right, I am trying to gather as much info as possible. The description is similar and you stated:

ok. I’m on att and only pulling 4-5 Mbps but with Wi-Fi off and the SVR NOT plugged in the live video feed is glitchy and laggy.

So, on cellular, live view has an issue.
On cellular, saved video has an issue.
On wifi with SVR plugged in, live view an issue.

Is the symptom more or less the same in each of these instances?

Forgive me if we asked this before, what is the upload speed of your home internet connection if you test it right now?

Also, while on Wi-Fi playback has issues. Symptoms are the same in all the areas you identified. Video is glitchy and laggy

I am 450/20 on The Internet speed

Just in case, I’m not referring to ISP stated speeds, these are variable and the actual speeds of your connection will fluctuate.

Is ~ 20 mbps upload speed the current observable speed?

Yes sir. I have been testing my speeds throughout the difficulties that I’ve had and they always remain fairly consistent. I know that’s ironic to hear but I actually have pretty good Internet at my house.

And what’s even more weird or maybe make sense to you is that I had to leave the house now so I am on cell service but when I look at the live feed of my Wi-Fi camera, I believe it’s a 523, the feed is playing as it should. Weird? I’m just giving you all the info I experience to try to help.

@jwcsurety Just to continue to add info as I test things. Wi-Fi cameras like my ADC 770, V723 and V622, seem to stream live video fine whether on my home network or remote. Video playback from saved video from these camera do also suffer from the same issues at times as the other cameras such a laggy and glitchy. There is no rhyme or reason to when the saved video playback acts up. I can literally play a saved video and it will play fine. If I playback that same video a few seconds later, it will not play correctly. It’s very strange.

In summary as I write this, the above mentioned Wi-Fi camera are playing live video correctly but all my POE cameras are very laggy and glitchy.

I’m sure you know what I mean when I used those terms but I can email you a screen recording of my iPhone to show what I mean

I’ve been trying to recreate this but I haven’t been successful. A screen recording would be very helpful actually if you are able to send one.

Just sent. Watch the tall landscape grass on the side of the driveway or my neighbors flag across the street. Notice the “glitchy” video.

Thanks. Are you able to force that phone onto 4G LTE instead of 5G as a test? Any difference?

I was able to force but no change.

Now I am currently away from home but this video behavior between my Wi-Fi cameras and POE cameras occurs on my apple MacBook as well when at home on Wi-Fi.

I just don’t know what else to troubleshoot. I generally know my way around networks and technology.

I’m terms of my POE cams, I have one using an inverter and two connected to a POE switch. Obviously all cams eventually connect back to router via Ethernet. Not sure if there is anything I can troubleshoot on the Ethernet side of the problem?