Advice Needed on Moving to Surety

Hi Everyone,

My in-laws currently have ADT and would like to move to Surety. Their panel is a DSC Impassa along with several door, motion and glass break sensors.

What would you recommend for me to do in terms of equipment while keeping the initial cost down? They can expand as they go along.

Thanks in advance.

The Impassa itself is a compatible panel with and Surety service.

It would just need an unregistered 4G LTE module. The model you would be looking for is the TL8055LT.

Aside from possibly the module, you could otherwise get started with exactly what the system includes now.

Are you instead looking to swap out the panel?

I know they will want automation down the road. They are willing to buy a new panel, but does that mean they will need to swap all sensors?

I tried performing the step to get the serial number, but holding the number 1 does nothing on the panel.

Z-wave automation is available with the Impassa. It is not quite as easy as the Qolsys IQ Panel 2+, but you would have access to Z-wave automation.

Qolsys manufactures IQ Panel 2+ with different legacy sensor radios to support different circumstances. One supports 433 mhz DSC sensors, and all IQ Panel 2+ support DSC Power G sensors, so you would be covered either way and shouldn’t need to replace any sensors in general.

The cost of the TL8055LT module looks to be about half of the cost of a new IQ Panel 2+ with DSC legacy radio. So if you are looking for an upgrade and need a new module anyway, the Qolsys panel is a good option.

Now if you can reuse the existing module that would be the most cost effective option, of course. If you are having trouble viewing from the keypad, you can try checking on the module sticker inside the panel. See below for an example of what it will look like:

After reviewing everything, we’ve decided to just start over with the Qolsys panel and new sensors.

Thanks for your help.

Alright, if you are just planning on replacing sensors we have recently reduced pricing on our IQ Panel 2+ bundles here. These would have GE319.5 mhz and Power G sensor radios.