ADT take over to DIY

We just moved into a house with an existing ADT system and I was just curious if any of the systems you sell would be compatible with the sensors that are already installed in the house?

DSC or Honeywell wired?

All you need is a takeover module and new panel

If you could provide the model of panel and if you have any wireless sensors, the model of one or two of those.

If your system uses all wired sensors, you would be able to simply use the TAKE-345 and a 2GIG panel. Or, similarly, an RE108 (or Hardwire 16) and a Qolsys.

Honeywell 5800 series wireless sensors are natively compatible with the 2GIG panel, if you have any.

The panel is an ADT branded panel with no other markings to indentify it. The motion sensors are Honeywell 5890PI and door sensors are Honeywell 5816. Everything seems to be wireless.

That is not the panel.

That appears to be the 6150 Honeywell keypad for ADT branded Vista (20P?). Keypad runs approx. $20 on ebay. Go find the can. If its all Honeywell wireless, then its natively compatible with 2GIG. Otherwise, you will need the TAKE.

So is this the panel then?

Looks like the box on the right is a DSC.

It looks like you would have all Honeywell wireless sensors. You would be able to learn them directly into a 2GIG panel.