ADT Migration

Hi -

I am a bit new to all of this, so please be nice :slight_smile:

I currently have ADT installed and monitored systems at 2 locations. They are both considered “ADT Pulse” systems. But have very different components which ultimately result in the same functionality.

System 1 - Rental Unit
• ADT Branded Netgear “Gateway” model PGZNG1
---- this unit connects to my internet and to the cell module (I believe).
• ADT Cell module - no idea specifics… generic white box with antenna at the top and ADT logo on front
• ADT Branded Safewatch Pro 3000/3000CN security panel
---- this is (as far as I can tell) just a keypad in the master bedroom
• ADT Branded Netgear HS101 7" Touch Screen
---- they couldn’t give me another keypad downstairs, so this is what i have. ultimately functions just as a remote keypad
• 10 wireless door/window/heat/smoke sensors
• 4 zwave deivces
---- 2x door locks 2x appliance/lamp modules (the appliance modules are just to boost signal)

With this setup I get and care about:
1- basic arm/disarm functions and panic functions from either keypad
2- Cell backup if main cable line is cut
3- Arm/disarm via mobile app
4- lock/unlock doors via mobile app
5- monitoring with fire protection

So now for the big question… can I convert this over to a system that uses for monitoring and what (if anything) do I need to purchase/add/replace to make this system work without ADT?

System 2 has the same functionality with different hardware.
• TSSC Life Safety Module - listed as Security Panel
• TSSC Lifestyle Module - Listed as Gateway
• 10 wireless door/window/heat/smoke sensors
• 2 wireless keypads
• 1 zwave door lock

Same questions apply from system 1 above… what if anything can I use and make this system work without ADT?

Thanks for any help!

Thanks for posting. We’re happy to help!

As far as basic operations:

1- basic arm/disarm functions and panic functions from either keypad - Yes
2- Cell backup if main cable line is cut - Cell Primary
3- Arm/disarm via mobile app - Yes
4- lock/unlock doors via mobile app - Yes
5- monitoring with fire protection - Yes

The important thing to determine is the model number of the sensors you have.

The control panels/communication hubs would not be re-used and would need to be swapped out. However, the sensors are likely all Honeywell, which would mean that they are directly compatible with 2GIG alarm panels, either the GC2 or GC3.

2GIG panels use cellular modules which are installed in the panel itself. You can select the module you want to use on the panel product page. Use this address check tool to determine the better carrier for your location. The GC3 does not currently have a secondary touchscreen keypad (it is brand new) but the PAD1 can be used for the time being and a new secondary is being developed for it.

The GC2 uses the TS1 as its secondary touchscreen.

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Can you check the model numbers of a couple sensors at the locations? If you could provide those we could determine the compatibility for sure.

As far as your automation devices go, what model of locks do you currently have? It looks like the system you mentioned would in fact use Z-wave, which is good because that is the protocol used by compatible panels for automation as well. The GC3 has some compatibility concerns at the moment, but it has yet to see its first firmware update and supported device list for Z-wave devices will grow. The GC2 has wide-ranging compatibility.