Additional Uploads

How do I add more clip uploads?

Upgrade your video cloud package

Email and give them your acct# and password

Currently, if you would like to add more uploads for video, you can opt for an add-on level of cloud video storage by emailing Each additional level of video is $5/month and adds 5000 clips/month (and capacity for 4 additional cameras.)

All that video, and we’re limited to just 40 image uploads/month? ???

All that video, and we’re limited to just 40 image uploads/month

Yep. Cameras are using your own WiFi, Image sensors use the cellular

Enable background captures. Motion events are then captured and stored locally, and can be uploaded upon demand.

Ahh, makes sense.

Where do these captures reside if not uploaded automatically? I wasn’t aware of this functionality.

I assume the IS has storage on the board. Something like nonvolatile memory chip.

So, if I turn on background captures then go to ADC site and request images - that doesn’t count against my monthly quota? To get the images out of the IS to begin with must use cell data.

Uploading the image would be internet data. I’m confused. Lol

Unless, the background captures is a special rule and are transferred by some other means besides cell data.

If you upload the image it counts.

Ok. I’m on the iPhone app at the moment. Can’t actually view the photo, don’t really have a use for this function unless you’re actually expecting no action. I guess that could be useful at some point. I’m surprised there’s not a 2gig hacking forum.

Some of these devices could be a lot more friendly & useful with a little prodding.