Adding Zwave switches

I have a number of GE/Jasco wall switches from my prior home that were paired to my system through my cable provider. Do these need removed from that old account on the side? They are model 5005. I’ve tried 2 ways to reset the switches, but no luck except for one. I also installed a aeoron zwave 7 extender?


Did you clear the device from the new panel first? Z-Wave devices don’t need to be removed from an older ADC account, but they can only be tied to one Z-Wave Network at a time.

Z-Wave devices store network information. If they were used on an older panel, you will need to clear them to break that link, this can be done from the new panel.

Then add them. After adding, and all Z-Wave devices are in their final installation locations (including the panel) run a Z-Wave Network Rediscovery to ensure proper communication.

The below guide covers the setting up a Z-Wave network and has links to specific instructions for the panel.

Using an extension cord to bring the device close to the panel for clearing it and adding it was a miracle. I could have saved hours.
For your help.