Adding z-wave switches to

A month or two ago I added my first z-wave light switch to my Qolsys and seemingly instantly it was available to manage in the app and on the website. A few weeks ago, I added a second z-wave switch (identical model) and it is loaded on the panel, can be controlled from the panel, etc. just like the first one. However, it does not exist in the world, not on the website, not on the app. The original one is still there but the new one is nowhere to be found. I’ve tried rebooting the panel, run the various wi-fi and cell tests but nothing seems to get it to sync.

Am I missing a step here? Is there a way for force to refresh my sensors and devices?

Z-wave devices typically have a short delay in syncing to ADC. However, if it goes a couple hours and a cell test doesn’t do it, we can request an updated device list for you if you are a suretyDIY subscriber. In that event, email and request an equipment update.

I went ahead and requested one for you and I see an additional light. You may need to log out and back into the app to see the change.

Works great! Thank you!

I’ll make sure to request an equipment update next time.