Adding Wink Hub with Concord Panel

How can i add my Wink hub

Happy to assist!

Pairing the Wink hub with the Concord 4 is not a supported feature. However, the Concord 4 module instructions do mention steps for installing a Z-Wave controller. From the manual:

If installing a portable Z-Wave controller, first add the controller to the Z-Wave network using the Concord panel, and then use the portable controller to add the remaining devices to the network while the devices are in their permanent locations. (Locks cannot be added to the controller, and will need to be added by the module.) Devices must be within 6 ft. of the controller if a controller is being used to learn in devices.

How to Add a Z-Wave device to the module’s network:

Put the module into Z-Wave Add mode. On the module, press and hold down the ZWave Mode button for a few seconds, until the LED L2 begins flashing a 4-blink pattern to indicate Z-Wave Add

Steps for the Wink’s inclusion mode can be found at the bottom of this page.