Adding wifi garage door to system

I have tried to follow the instructions for setting Up/Adding control of the MyQ garagedoor and cannot see " Automation Devices section" in the settings. has just replaced the “Devices” page in settings with the “Manage Devices” page. However, one thing not navigable yet in the Add Device wizard is Liftmaster MyQ.

You can still reach the old devices page by visiting the old URL for it here.

So I successfully added the first garage door. What instructions do I need to complete to add a 2nd door?

Nevermind… 2nd garage door added without issue. Thanks

Yep, you can use that same link to add another door. In the near future this will be adjusted in the website, I would anticipate it being added to the add device portal.

Was doing some digging around the and it appears that I should be able to configure Siri to open the newly added Garage door… cannot seem to do it. Any thoughts?

This page on our support site goes over how to set up Siri command shortcuts.

One thing that may trip up the process is the way secure actions are handled. Secure actions and all scenes require the iOS device to have an unlock mechanism (e.g., passcode, Touch ID, etc.) set up and the device must be unlocked when performing secured actions using Siri shortcuts.

I have read thru the topic and it appears the app does not have a “suggested shortcut” for opening/closing the garage door. Could it be that the just setting up this device yesterday, has not triggered the suggested shortcut to be created yet?

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You’ll need to create a Scene which controls the door in the way you want, then create a shortcut for that scene.

Visit Automation > Scenes > New Scene in to create the scene.

That worked.

Having a different issue.

Have a second user that I’m trying to setup to be able open close locks/garage.

I have changed the access back and forth me it’s not updating the user account to allow lock/garage door access.

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It looks like the login created is using Read Only access rights. You’ll need to provide access rights to the devices and account.

To do so, login to the website and navigate to Users > Manage Logins. Click the new user’s name to edit the login permissions. You can select one of the pre-made umbrella permissions levels or create a custom set of permissions.

When you make the changes, please wait 5-10 minutes and have the user log out and log back into their account to view the changes.