Adding Water sensor to

I added the following sensor (Resolution Products Flood & Extreme Temperature Sensor 2GIG Compatible – RE219) to my 2Gig alarm and I am pretty sure it was visible via my app on my iphone. I do not see it any more. Any way you can check if my account has Water sensors turned on?

If the sensor is programmed as an aux alarm flood device (which, it is, looking at your account) it will not be visible in the Sensor activity list on the app.

Similar to smoke detectors, there is no benefit to viewing the status because the status can only be one of two things: at rest or in alarm, and an alarm always generates an alert.

This applies to any zones that trigger an alarm signal independently of the panel’s arming status.

Looks like this is an older account though so I’ve made sure it now matches all the new Gold Features. Water Management requires both a Z-wave valve and flood sensor. The flood sensor by itself would just be used for notification or aux alarms as it is currently.