Adding Motion Detectors

I’m trying to install an image1. I think I’ve set it up correct in the CP but it’s not showing up on

Also I want a motion detector in the shed to arm in stay. Is this possible? What are the settings?

Hm. From looking at your account, I’m not seeing your current firmware version as V1.10 or higher, is that incorrect? I also do not see a 900MhZ XCVR2 transceiver in the panel. Both of these are necessary for adding an Image Sensor.

It is possible to add a motion detector to arm on stay. You’ll set it as “perimeter” rather than “interior follower”. Be careful with adding sensors to a shed however. Things to be aware of include the ability of the panel to communicate with the sensor (how far away, through what types of walls does the signal need to pass, etc) and whether the weather fluctuations are within the scope of what the sensor can handle.

Its actually my system, someone at Surety posted it to help me out. I’m showing 1.9.5 as my firmware. How do I get it updated?

I have the XCVR2 installed. Is there something extra I need to do to get it to show up?

The image sensors need firmware 1.10 or higher.

If you do not have a ts1 touchpad, you can have the firmware pushed by suretycam via ADC OTA

Otherwise, you need to download the firmware, and obtain a cable


I’m still having problems with this. I’m now on 1.10.1 firmware and when I get to the learn process it fails. Any ideas?

In summary, is the serial section empty or does it show a single number?

Try at learn screen: a toothpick into little hole on IS (reset)hold it in for 15-30 sec, then release.


You can also try defaulting the image sensor by pressing in that button for 15-30 sec when the system is not in learn mode.

I get a 5 on the CP. Sensor is flashing like it’s trying to learn. How do I know if the sensor resets? It flashes and never appears to reset. Will it just flash every couple of sec even if it resets?

If you have 5 for serial its already learned in.

On the Image sensor has its own tab, do you see the tab?

I see the tab, but have no devices listed under

Look under “peak in”

Device should also be listed under the “sensors” tab as a motion detector.