Adding Honeywell 5898 Dual TEC Sensor

On another thread the Honeywell 5898 was recommended as a better bet with cats, so I ordered a couple of them. I am working on adding them to my system, however the configuration for these doesn’t seem to be documented anywhere.

The included documentation was fine for configuring the sensor itself, I installed the “animal immune lens” and look down mask. I assume I would use the lens masking stickers if I wanted to exclude specific areas from PIR (e.g. a cats favorite climbing spot, a stairway, etc).

I think I am ok on all but the “equipment code”. I currently set it to the 5894PI as the 5898 is not an option. Does this field matter that greatly, or is it more informational than functional?

Sensor Type: (04) interior follower
Equipment Type: (1) motion
Equipment Code: ???
Serial Number: xxxxxx
Equipment Age: (0) new
Loop Number: 1 (set to low sensitivity)
Reports: (1) enabled
Supervised: (1) enabled

If I was to program loop 3 for temperature monitoring, do I use the same equipment code just different sensor types and reporting disabled?

The equipment code doesn’t matter. The purpose of the equipment code field is to help the installing company keep inventory but it doesn’t affect the functionality of the sensor in the control panel. Setting it to 5894PI is a reasonable choice.

I’m told that 2GIG does actually use the equipment code field for image sensors but that’s the only sensor I’ve ever heard of where the equipment code matters to the 2GIG control panel.