Adding daughter card to "slot 2" on IQ 4

Hi, I bought a Qolsys IQ 4 (319.5MHz version). I bought a 2GIG eseries sensor that is listed in the compatibility guide, but didn’t read the fine print that I need a 345Mhz daughter card in order for it to work with my panel.

If I buy a 345Mhz daughter card and add it to the empty slot 2 on my IQ 4, Will I be able to use the 2GIG eseries sensor as well as 319.5Mhz sensors?

No, the panel only has one sensor radio antenna and slot for legacy sensors. It cannot have both 319.5 and 345.

E-Series encrypted 2GIG sensors are also not compatible with the 345Mhz version of the IQ Panel. That version only supports the unencrypted 345Mhz sensors.

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