Adding camera questions

So my wife and I are soon to go on a vacation where we’re leaving one of the cats home and having a friend come over to feed and check in on her. It’s kind of a first attempt at this, so we’re thinking of adding a camera to the security system for this purpose and I’ve got a couple questions on that front.

Overall, we’re thinking about the 620pt as her main room (aka the master bedroom) is fairly large and it’d be nice to scan around a bit. So first question, I know it specs at 0.3 lux, but how does it behave in indoor light conditions? i.e. maybe a lamp on at night and sunlight through closed blinds during the day. I still think I would favor the pan and tilt capability over the fixed IR, but figured I’d ask.

Second, just to make sure I’ve got this right, I’ll need to add the $5 monthly level 1 cloud video option to my account, right? And then when I do that does the 1000 clips mean that’s all it will store or that’s all it will record in a month? So for example at 1001, does it just stop recording clips to the cloud, or does the first one recorded disappear off the list?

I don’t have much personal experience with the ADC-V620PT in low light conditions. I use ADC-V520IR and 2GIG HD100 cameras at my place. It’s pretty hard to tell how a camera will perform in a particular low light situation until you try it in that environment. Of the many IP surveillance cameras I’ve worked with I find cameras (which the hardware is manufactured by Vivotek) to be decent at low light performance. I’d say just above average. I’ve seen more expensive cameras perform better. I’ve seen cheaper cameras perform worse.

Yes, you would need the video add-on to use cameras. If you hit your video clip upload limit in a month then your cameras will stop uploading video clips for the rest of that month. You have to re-enable it for them to start uploading again.

As new video clips are uploaded, it will overwrite old video clips in subsequent months unless you have marked them as protected.

Ok, one other question. How do you add cloud video? Do I just add gold interactive with the video option to the cart and the other sub cancels, or do I need to call and have it added?

To make changes to your current subscription, please email with your request.