Adding Bypassed zone to armed system

In arming the system the other day, I forgot to close one of the windows in the other room. The system auto bypassed it which is fine, however I noticed when I closed the window, while the alarm was armed, the window stayed bypassed. I confirmed by reopening and closing the window and the alarm was not triggered, Thus my question is there a way for the system to recognize that the bypassed zone is now closed and begin monitoring? I had to unarm and rearm the system for them to be included now. Was wondering if there was a way to avoid having to do that.

I will double check with Qolsys on this but I don’t believe there is a way to adjust that behavior on the Qolsys panel. I’ll follow up here when I hear from them.

Yeah just to confirm there is no way to change that behavior. Bypass is generally expected to be desired throughout the arming period (a sensor being actively opened a lot, etc)

One thing you could do to be sure everything is armed without bypassing in the first place is to turn off Auto-Bypass (Settings > Advanced Settings > Installation > Security and Arming)

If you try to arm at the panel with a zone open and Auto-Bypass disabled, the panel will protest the arming until the zone is closed.

Ok, but I assume if I did that, then it would also prevent the ability to arm remotely if a zone is open correct?

No, remote commands will always force bypass the open zones.

oh, ok, then that is definitely an option then.