Adding an Image Sensor

I would like to add an image sensor to my system.

There are a few things to consider before adding an image sensor to an existing system.

The first is that image sensors require at least version 1.10 firmware in order to function. Another thing to consider is that you will need a 2GIG 900 MHz Transceiver. Finally, the last thing to consider is that if the system has already been programmed and shipped or installed at your location, we cannot program the image sensor into your system remotely. If you currently have a lower version of the firmware, there are a couple of ways it can be updated.

Let’s talk about the firmware first.

One way it can be updated is by purchasing a one time Over the Air (OTA) upgrade for your panel. If you are already an existing customer, simply email requesting an OTA firmware update for your panel. The charge is $15 per update.

Alternatively, you can purchase an update cable here: By purchasing the cable you can update your panel to the newest firmware yourself every time a new version comes out at no additional cost.

Now, onto the trasceiver.

If you already have a TS1 (secondary keypad), then good news! You don’t need to purchase and install a 2GIG 900 MHz Transceiver. However, if you do not already have a secondary keypad, you will need to purchase and replace your existing transceiver in your panel with a 2GIG 900 MHz Transceiver found here:

Finally, because of the nature of how the image sensor communicates with the panel, we cannot program the image sensor to your account before shipping it out. However, the instructions for programming the sensor are included and are very easy to follow. If you would like an image sensor, they are found here:

Hope this helps.