Adding an ADCV610PT Camera to

I purchased an ADC-V610PT MAC #XXXXXXXXXX on ebay. The seller on ebay does not know if it was registered previously. I cannot get ADC to detect the camera at all. I am getting a flashing amber & blue light flashing and then changes to a solid amber & blue light. I have held down the button in the front and pinhole on the bottom for 60 seconds. However, nothing changes or is detected on ADC.

You might want to rethink posting your camera MAC in a public forum.

Loading system after power on Steady red
During booting procedure Steady blue and red
After network is setup (system up) Blink green every second

Be sure you actually have the ADC-V610PT and not the Vivotek TC5632/TC5633 as the firmware is not the same. Your cam needs to have this ADC compatible firmware: TC5633-TCAL-0108a

Reset camera, then try the setup via MAC (use Ethernet)

If it is still assigned to another ADC account, you will get a notice to that effect


Just to be certain, you have the camera connected via ethernet cable to the same network as the device from which you are managing your account (laptop, tablet, etc.)? They will need to be on the same LAN

If the camera is connected to an account still, it will be listed as a result, grayed out, with a status showing that it is currently associated with another account.

Is there a way to locally or remotely access the ADC-V610PT? The cam does say on the front. I use Blue Iris cam recording software and I wanted to add this cam, but when I go to the local IP/port it requests a user/password…

Is there a factory default user/password?

This user’s post concerns connecting to an camera using third party software.