Adding a Thermostate to a 2GIG system

I would like to add a thermostat to my system.

I have a 2GIG system and Gold Interactive service.

With Gold Interactive, your account is already set up to support thermostats. What sort of thermostat are you trying to add? Assuming that is a CT100, here are instructions on adding it in:

  1. Put the batteries into the thermostat
  2. On the control panel, select “services” from the home screen
  3. Now, select the “z-wave” button
  4. Still on the control panel, select the toolbox icon in the lower right hand corner of the screen
  5. You should be prompted for your installer code. Enter it now.
  6. Select “Add Device”
  7. On the thermostat screen, push “menu” twice
  8. Now push the “mate” button on your thermostat screen

It could take a minute or two for the device to be selected and to register.

If your furnace provides 24VAC for the thermostat (most of them do) then I recommend physically installing the thermostat and connecting it to 24VAC before you add it to the z-wave network. If the thermostat is being powered by 24VAC at the moment when it’s added to the z-wave network then it will behave as a “repeating” z-wave node in the network and will help strengthen z-wave connectivity to other devices. If the thermostat is only being powered by batteries at the moment when you add it to to z-wave network then it will behave as a simple node in your network and will not repeat z-wave messages for other devices, even if you connect it to 24VAC later.

In general, AC/wall powered z-wave devices will be repeating nodes whereas battery powered devices will be simple nodes. For a stronger z-wave network you want more repeating nodes.