Adding a Siren to a 2GIG Panel

Trying to connect a external siren to a 2Gig gc2 panel. Any help would be appreciated. Have talked to 2Gig support directly and no help. Siren is larger than 120ma. Is the open collector output a dry contact or a output? Trying to connect 2 2Gig panels to 1 alarm siren if possible.

So, you are trying to connect two separate 2GIG Go!Control Panels to 1 siren which draws more than 120ma?

To do so you would have to have a separate power source and relay.

Do you have a relay to use? Something like an RBSNTTL?

Open collector shorts to GND when triggered. It can be used to close a voltage circuit trigger or as a normally open dry contact closure between OC and GND.

Yes I’ve got 2 GC2 panels that we would like to wire to 1 outdoor siren using a relay like you said. Any idea on how that relay Wires or best practice. Having issues trying to get the relay to work.

Having issues trying to get the relay to work.

What is the model number of the relay you currently have that you are trying to use?


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For two panels and one siren, you’ll want two relays. I’m guessing you want the siren to go off when either system is in alarm, so you’ll want the relays wired to the siren in parallel. Below if the siren is 12VDC:

Bell output + and - to the + and - TRG, respectively.

12VDC power supply to POS + and NEG -

Jump POS + to C.

From siren, Positive wire to NO. Negative siren wire directly connected to NEG -

When I connect the relay to the relay from the bell output the relay turns on

Alright, try this:

Connect Bell + to TRG + then connect Open Collector to TRG -

Use Q78 to program when the open collector should connect to GND. An easy one to test is activated when armed.