Adding a Rule for a Lock

I have three Yale Zwave Locks. I have a rule that ADC shuts off all my lights
in the house at a certain time. I would also like to add my locks to that routine… basically
a double check that the locks haven’t been left unlocked. I can’t seem to figure
out if that is possible. Any suggestions would be helpful.

I don’t think you can. They’re probably trying to prevent you from locking yourself out. If you had the commercial arming schedules feature then you could probably work around this by arming on a schedule and then setting an event triggered rule to lock when the system arms. I’ve never tried doing that so just guessing it would work.

Any update to this? I basically want to set all my locks to “lock” at 11pm in case I forget to do it manually. I can’t get locked out cus they are all keypads.

Automation Schedules only affect lights and thermostat. As a security concern, lock automation must currently have an active trigger, such as arming the panel, or locking a different lock, in order to change state. One reason for this is extending the bolt at the wrong time can damage the lock or door frame. Similar to closing/opening the garage door, it is typically not a good idea to do so at a specific time without oversight.

A rule can be created to lock all locks when you arm the system, or you can create a scene which locks any of the locks, turns off lights, etc., and run it from a home page widget or from within the app.