Adding a doorbell to IQ Panel?

I am interested in the IQ panel because of it’s features. However I really like the idea of the 2gig doorbell button. Can the 2 gig doorbell button be used on the IQ panel or is it specifically for the 2gig systems?

The 2GIG Doorbell is specifically designed for the 2GIG system. While 2GIG is compatible with Honeywell sensors, the IQ Panel is compatible with GE sensors, and the two have different protocols.

How can you add a wireless doorbell to the IQ system?

Qolsys doesn’t have a wireless doorbell yet. The only ways I can think of would be:

  • Use a doorbell ring detector with your existing doorbell and wire that to a an RE101 wireless transmitter.
  • Use a 2GIG wireless doorbell and a 2GIG to Qolsys (Honeywell to GE) wireless translator.

Thanks for the help. I don’t have a door bell so option 2 will work best.

For clarification I need a honeywell to GE translator (re124hg) not a 2gig to GE (re124tg) to use the 2gig doorbell and the IQ panel?

Thanks again.

Use the RE124TG. I think either would work for the 2GIG-DBELL1-345 but since it’s a 2GIG sensor you might as well use the 2GIG translator just to be on the safe side.


I finally got around to trying this setup. I installed the re124tg 2gig to GE translator. The iq panel recognizes the translator and appears to be working fine. By deafault the iq panel has a default sensor selection for wireless translator group 13. All is good with that. However I cannot get the re124tg translator to recognize the 2gig doorbell. Any suggestions?

What device type are you trying to Enroll it as? On the 124TG you need to press the Enroll button a number of times to select the desired device type. An LED indicates which you have chosen.

Thank you for responding. I have tried all 4 types of enrollment with no success. The green light does flash when I press the doorbell button, but it won’t pair.

I’ve gotten some clarification on this from Resolution Products. It seems the 2GIG DBell1-345 does not send the same type of signal packet as any of the four translator options. The translator will recognize a 2GIG signal, but is unable to translate it.

Qolsys has released a doorbell option since this thread was created, but it does not replace the button, it uses the existing bell.

Jason, thank for looking into this. That is a bummer it won’t work. I did see that Qolsys released a doorbell and was excited until I found out it was for a wired doorbell. I need a wireless unfortunately. Back to the drawing board…

Thanks everyone for your assistance on trying to figure this out!

If you can find a push-to-break doorbell (Typically they are Normally Open I think instead of Normally Closed, you want Closed) and wire it to a concealed RE101, that would work.