Adding a CO and light switch

we have a new CO alarm and light switch that we would like to add to our former Vivent panel, but it does not recognize any new devices to add. How do we add devices?

Could you please provide the model number of the two devices in question?

For Zwave devices (like the light switch, presumably) you can find all the necessary info here.

CO is not a zwave device, try system config

The light switch is added via “services” zwave menu

CO programming:

Hit logo at bottom right of screen Enter installer code System configuration Right arrow to blank sensor location, then down arrow (then down arrow again after each section) (14) 24-hour carbon monoxide alarm Down arrow (0589 Canada or 0560 US ) CO3-345 *[may differ depending on model] Learn serial (shift then learn, activate tamper by removing base, then 'ok') Down arrow (0) new equip Down arrow Loop (1) 1 Down arrow (0) disable dialer delay Down arrow Voice descriptor ("insert", enter descriptor word code) Down arrow (1) report enabled Down arrow (1) supervised enabled Down arrow (O) chime Skip End Exit
Descriptor word codes:

Zwave light:

Services>zwave>click the 'wrench' >enter code>add devices (You may need to take panel off wall, and place it near primary zwave switch)

Flip switch/light on…