Added View subscription but cannot add video doorbell

I subscribed to both Surety Automate and View plans. And now I can add my door lock and thermostat, but cannot add my video doorbell. How can I add my doorbell?

Happy to assist. It looks like you have signed up for two separate monthly service accounts, one for the Surety Automate plan and one for Surety View (video only).

I assume you only need one service plan, is that correct, you intend to have the Automate plan with Video on one account?

What you will want to do, if that is the case, is login to your Surety account, access the System Manager feature (where you created the account) and add the video add on to your Surety Automate plan.

This will add video to your Surety Automate plan. You can choose Doorbell only if you are only adding the Video Doorbell to your plan., Otherwise you can choose the Video add on that allows for multiple cameras.

To better assist you, what is the video doorbell you are looking to incorporate?

Oh perfect, did not realize how to add an add on to my existing account. Got it figured out now. Thanks for the help!