Added central station monitoring, but station not receiving events.

Hello! I’ve had DIY Basic Interactive without central station for several months. I added central station monitoring a few weeks ago. While it was in test mode (ended on the 23rd, so it’s live now), I attempted to set the alarm off (with both no entry delay and also exceeding entry delay) and then called the central station to see if they had received any events. Both times I called, they hadn’t received anything. They suggested posting on the SuretyDIY technical support forums.

What can I do to make sure central station will receive events?

I have a 2GIG GC3 Panel.


The first thing to look at if you set off an alarm and the CS does not receive a signal is the panel setting which would cause this: Dialer Delay (on the GC3 labeled Transmission Delay)

Regardless of the alarm panel model, if you have dialer delay active, on the alarm event in your activity page it will read “Pending Alarm,” meaning it has not been confirmed yet. (These are the only alarms in your history)

Dialer delay is a delay period after the sensor trips the local siren before the alarm signal is forwarded to the Central Station. A signal will only reach the Central Station if you allow the alarm to sound for longer than the delay period, which by default on the panel is 30 seconds.

On a GC3 you can disable Transmission Delay on a sensor by sensor basis by going into zone programming. Select transmission delay and change it to (0) Disabled.