Add Chamberlain MYQ1-G020

I am trying to add a Chamberlain MYQ1-G020 garage door opener to my system, however, it will not complete the linking process. It appears that the web interface is not specifically designed for the installation of this particular device.

The Chamberlain MYQ1-G020 is the same thing as the Liftmaster 821LM. At what step are you running into trouble? Can you attach a screenshot?

My issue was that I was treating it like a MyQ enabled device. Your reference to the 821LM, and the associated instructional video, showed me that I needed to treat it like a non-MyQ enabled device. The MYQ-G0201 is of course a MyQ enabled device, however, I should have realized it was referring to the end item. This now seems completely obvious to me, but something did not click when I first looked at it. Thank you for your comments.