ADC wearable app (NOT APPLE OR PEBBLE!)

I’d like to use my watch to check my alarm system. I’d also like to leave my phone at home and only use my watch. Problem is, ADC went with the most expensive APPLE to the least expensive PEBBLE wearable for their ADC app. I, like many other, don’t like Apple. I also do not want or like the Pebble. Can you ask ADC to broaden the wearables ADC APP please!?!?

While the Apple and Pebble watches are the only wearables supported at this time, is always looking for new ways to integrate their offerings. We will pass your suggestion along to ADC (We have also been looking for more options in this field as well)

Thank you Tyler!

Any updates on Samsung wearables getting ADC app?

There are no additional wearable apps yet. As of this post the following devices have applications available:

Mobile & Tablet
iPhone with iOS 9.0 and later
iPad with iOS 9.0 and later
Android Phone with OS 4.3.2 and later
Android Tablet with OS 4.3.2 and later
Windows Phone with OS 8.1 and later
BlackBerry Devices with OS 4.2.1 and later (excluding BB10 and later)
Amazon Kindle Fire

Apple Watch
Pebble Watch

Amazon Fire TV & Stick
Amazon Echo (Alexa)
Apple TV (4th Generation)