ADC-VDB770 video doorbell camera failed?

I’m using the aforementioned video doorbell for a couple years. Worked ok, but frequently needed power cycling to reconnect it. A few months ago the light turned solid yellow and it stopped working completely as even a dumb doorbell (mid Canadian winter- it was not overheated), and I just couldn’t be bothered to troubleshoot it for a while. Trying again today. I had to temporarily unplug the interior battery to get it to restart at all. It was simple, no I didn’t damage it, I do a lot of small electronics work.

I have now gone through multiple power cycles, factory resets, and reconnections to my network, but it keeps reverting to the red “no connection” color, never going “green.” It has an excellent wifi signal (I have also reset my network), and my unifi router shows it as connected, tells me an appropriate uptime since the last reset, gives me it’s IP and a rating of 100% connection reliability, but the camera itself insists it is not connected to wifi, and of course none of its wifi features are working. It at least rings the mechanical chimes now (yes I have the power converter box installed), but it’s just a big dumb doorbell at the moment with no smart features.

Anything I’m missing I could try here? Does this represent some sort of failure of the unit itself? The disagreement between the doorbell and the router on it being connected to wifi is making me suspicious this is a hardware problem.


Based on your description the main step I would try is to remove the VDB770 and power it via 5VDC Micro usb power supply. Does it function and allow connection and video feed? If so, power is likely the underlying issue.

If not, it sounds like a hardware failure. Be sure to reach out to your provider for info on warranty/etc.

Thanks. I’ll give that a try.