ADC-VDB770 "Settings failed to configure on video device"

I removed my Skybell HD, installed the ADC-VDB770, updated the firmware, tested it’s working.

I went into the settings, I’m trying to change the setting to "Use Fixed IP Address (for networking experts only). However, whenever I try to save the settings, I receive the error of “Settings failed to configure on video device.”.

Also, issue number 2 is that the public IP shows as Unavailable.
I have my port forwarding rules setup exactly the same for my other cameras and the other ADC cameras have no issues with Public IP being available. Is there some other setting I need to do for the doorbell?

Thanks for the help!

Same exact issue as described in this thread: New Doorbell Static IP - #4 by jwcsurety

We’re waiting on a fix from - perhaps Jason can add your name to the list of ADC customers experiencing issues with this new doorbell.

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Yup. that’s the issue. Someone elsewhere mentioned that ADC is aware of the issue and is working on an updated firmware for the doorbell that should resolve it. I’ll follow the other thread for updates. Thanks for posting, glad it wasn’t something I did (or didn’t do right).

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I’ll add your account to our tech support ticket with, however this is known as a global issue by ADC. They are currently working on a fix.