ADC-vdb770 issue with no power

Had the ADC-VDB770 installed for some time now. Had it since Oct21 with no issues till this morning.

The doorbell does not light up at all or respond. I removed the VDB770 and connected via microUSB and powers right up.

Checking the doorbell transformer I have a 16v/30va transformer and currently getting around 18.5V per multimeter.
Tested the wiring at the front door where the VDB770 would be installed. shows also around 18.5-18.6 steady voltage.

Not sure what I need to do. Going to try and get a new transformer but the transformer itself is giving volts.

Need help.

I installed a new 16v30VA transformer.

Still nothing. I get volts to the backplate and the transformer. Attaching photos.

Plugging the doorbell through micro USB is able to turn on. Ring the doorbell and chime to go off.

Now I’m

wondering if the pins on the device connecting from the backplate to the doorbell itself is not working.

Need solution or replacement?

Check the pins on the back of the VDB770 to make sure they are making contact and are not dirty. The pins, when disconnected from the back plate, should have a bit of a springyness to them.

Additionally, make sure the battery is not swollen. The battery is not meant to be removed but it is housed behind the whit label with the VDB770s part number and MAC address. The battery is attached to the back of that label, and should sit relatively flat and not be raised.

Note that the labale will not be fully flush, there will be a slight curve to it higher near the USB port and dipping down toward the end of the label closest to the pins.

Yes. I cleaned the pins. I attached pictures again. Does not look like its ballooning out at all. I can see the slight curve as well. No matter what I done still no contact between the baseplate and the doorbell.

I also requested a RMA just in case.

Do you happen to know the length and guage of wire coming from the transformer to the backplate?

As long as it is within 18-22guage it should be good. By the sound of it, the doorbell itself is the issue. Im going to reach out to ADC for additional steps and/or to get the warranty replacement process started. I will reach out with additional informaiton shortly.

Thank you. Yes. It’s no more than 20-30 feet.
I had a ring pro on for over a year without any issues prior.

Also reinstalled it and no issues with the ring pro right now as well. So hopefully its just the doorbell itself.


Thank you for that information. In this case, we will want to get the warranty process started. I have reached out to distribution but I do not expect to hear from them until tomorrow. I will follow up once I have more information with steps on how to get the defective VDB770 sent back to get a replacement.