ADC-VDB770 Intermittent Issues (Flashing Red)

I have a ADC-VDB770 that has been working for some time now without issues. I had issues with a previous one that I was able to work out.

Essentially: it alternates between a solid red then flashing red and repeating. I’ve tried unplugging it and resetting the network which hasn’t helped.

I did some looking around and I saw that a surety team member posted that this camera needs either a 16-30V AC or 10-30VA power supply. I have an older home and it looks like I have a 16vac-10va chime.

I’m curious that I’ve had it running for months without issue and that this now seems to be the problem; but it also seems to be stuck to ‘rebooting’ per the red ring.

Other than I suppose upping my chime power supply; has anyone else had any other similar issues or is there another work around I’m missing?


If you pull that VDB770 off and power it temporarily via the micro USB port, does it power up and connect normally? If so that may suggest potentially underpowering is indeed the issue. If you have a 16VAC-10VA transformer it should be fine, but some older transformers have lower specs.

In rare cases the wiring may be an issue to look at if all else matches up, I’ve seen a couple cases where a prior owner or maintenance individual uses a very thin gauge wiring to run a new doorbell or move the transformer location etc.