ADC VDB770 install

This is the worst installation manual yet from ADC.

There are light eight different colored wires on each terminal in my chime, including one red and one white wire that come from behind the chime, as opposed to all the others that snake around the front.

Do I just pick one screws worth of wires and crimp ALL of them together with one of the grey wires from the power module? Then crimp ALL of the wires on the other screw to the other grey wire of the power module? That is a lot of wires.

This is the worst installation manual yet from ADC

I understand frustration when you don’t have a clean install like pictured.

I will stress that no vendor will provide documentation for specific non-standard installation practices found in your personal home.

If you run into an issue with an unexpected setup, we are happy to help.

Do I just pick one screws worth of wires and crimp ALL of them together with one of the grey wires from the power module?

Maybe, it depends where those wires go. Are all 4 of those conductors connecting to the “Trans” terminal connected to one terminal on your doorbell transformer? Tracing back to the transformer and determining the wiring there should help identify what is going on with the conductors at the chime.

Are all 4 of the other conductors connected to the Front terminal going to your doorbell?

If you have questions about the wiring, can you post a photo of the transformer as well? This is often found nearby the main home power panel.

It is possible that the builder just pre-wired the bell with Category cable (usually 24 or 26AWG 8 conductor) often used for ethernet purposes and quadrupled the conductors to help combat voltage loss. This has the effect of simulating a thicker gauge wire.

Do you only have the one doorbell?

I only have the one doorbell.

I have no idea where the doorbell transformer is. I don’t see it anywhere along the outside of the house or near the power panel.

I don’t care about the chime box tbh, since the IQ 4 panel can be made to chime when the doorbell rings, no? Also I’m replacing a Ring doorbell so I assume there is enough power there already from the red and white wire going to the door bell? So can I just skip all this?

So can I just skip all this?

You cannot skip installation of the power module, no. It is necessary for all installations.

Are you saying there are only two conductors at the doorbell end? Can you post a photo of that wiring?

Your chime labeling indicates 16 VAC 10VA, which is enough power (should be anyway, if it was installed properly with the correct transformer) but being able to identify the doorbell transformer is useful.

The installer probably just ran those 4 conductors on each side of the circuit to reduce voltage loss, per above, especially if you only have one doorbell.

You say I can’t skip installing power module but then say I probably have enough power?

Here is the doorbell:

The Power Module box that gets wired at the chime is not a power source. It is required for all installations of the ADC-VDB770.

I say your transformer is probably meeting the specs even though you haven’t found it because the minimum requirement of 16VAC 10VA is printed specs on your chime.

Great. So I’m back to square one. Do I connect each set of wires to each grey wire on the power module? What about the white wire and red wire you see in the pic that come up out of each hole?

Do I connect each set of wires to each grey wire on the power module?

Without visually identifying the bundle of wires at either the transformer or at the doorbell, I cannot say with 100% certainty, but if you only have one doorbell, it is exceedingly likely that yes, that is how it is wired. You would in that case connect all wires from one terminal to one power module wire, and all wires from the other terminal to the other power module wire.

The two wires at the doorbell may simply be spliced onto more conductors in the wall, which would be common.

Identifying the 4 conductors at either the doorbell or transformer end would be ideal for certainty. But it is probably set up the way you are expecting.