ADC-VDB770 failure - expanded battery


I purchased an ADC-VDB770 in July 2021 from Surety; the warranty expired a year later. Today, I went to check the doorbell camera and it’s been offline for four days. However, the button was green.

I followed troubleshooting steps to attempt to reset it, but the button light color never changed to yellow even after pressing down for over a minute.

I got curious and removed the device, and it looks like the battery has expanded. The battery is probably shot and I either need a replacement battery or a replacement device altogether.

Is there a good replacement option that is NOT a ADC-VDB770? I’ve had enough issues (slow video, inability to record to onboard MicroSD, occasionally going offline…) that I’d like to give a different product a shot.

There are a couple of other ADC doorbell options now. One is the VDB780B, which is a battery only option, which will have replacement/additional backup battery packs available soon from what I have heard from ADC.

It uses a battery for power and no AC input. It uses a wireless chime which acts as an access point.

There is also the VDB750, which is not widely available yet, but will be replacing the Skybell Slim Line 2 models. From the correspondence I have seen it sounds like this one will not contain a battery.

Gotcha, I may take a look at the VDB750 when it is more widely available.

To clarify, the battery on my VDB770 is swollen and likely poses a fire hazard. I am working to expediently and responsibly dispose of it. I do wish the battery were considered user-serviceable.

Removing the battery and reconnecting the camera has not resolved the issue. now sees the camera as active, but I cannot view video from it.

The VDB770 battery is user serviceable. The part number for that is ADC-VDBA-770BAT.

Won’t solve any of the other issues you’re reporting with the performance, but you don’t have to bin it for the sake of the battery going bad.

While I see that part number listed in the user manual (VDB770 power – Doorbell Camera), I do not see it for sale online.

Tyler says they are not available for sale.

Not 100% sure if the references I find to that ADC-VDBA-770BAT battery are new or old. I believe old. It is not for sale anywhere including through

Instructions I found related to it seem to be a few years old so it may be an abandoned option. The heating element is fragile and likely is the major impediment, with a fire concern.

The VDB770 requires the battery for functionality, The VDB780 with replaceable battery pack or the 750 which appears to not use one might be better options for you.

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Regarding the Battery Replacement Kit (ADC-VDBA-770BAT) I can say that it is not available for purchase through our distributor or through directly. I have not seen it for sale elsewhere online either.

Additionally, this product has never been offered for resolution in the past by representatives. In fact they have stated that no battery replacement was available.

The product is either upcoming/new or was not made but included in this document.

I have reached out to for clarification and will post what I find here in reply.

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Once you get a unit for testing I would be very interested in how the VDB750 compares to the VDB770. says the VDB770 will remain the “flagship” model while the VDB750 expands their offerings. Everything I’ve seen says it will be sans battery and after the post from secretidentity007, above, and the fact that I only switched from the Skybell I had to the VDB770 because the motion sensor broke and the battery swelled, I really like the possibility of a unit without an internal battery.

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The ADC-VDBA-770BAT battery has not been released yet. Looks like someone in marketing may have jumped the gun, not sure. However, The device should be available this summer.

No word on whether this is through only, or if it will be available through wider distribution.

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The ADC-VDB770 battery is a standard 603030 lithium battery, 3.7v, 520mAh. 3 pin JST 1mm connector. In the absence of an official repair solution, do with that information as you like :slight_smile: