ADC-VDB770 error in IQ2+


I just received the ADC-VDB770 yesterday and installed it. I’m able to look at the live feed from the app and but the panel is throwing an error when trying to view.

It says “Video device not responding, check power and network connection.”

Any idea what can I do to fix it? It also seems quite sluggish, even thought it’s on my 5Ghz SSID.

A couple things to try first:

Switch the ADC-VDB770 to a unique 2.4ghz SSID. 5 is faster, but it does not have the same reach, and if the quality of the signal at the device location is not high enough speed won’t matter.
Reboot the IQ Panel 2+. Settings > Advanced Settings > Reboot Panel.

Any difference after trying both of those?

Thanks Jason.

The only way I could get it to work was to switch both panel and doorbell cam to my 2.4GHz network and then reboot the panel. However, it still takes about 10-12 seconds for the feed to come up. I know the VDB-770 is relatively new, but this looks like a software issue. Any chance we’ll get some new firmware that resolves the perf issues?


We’ve heard reports from a couple users that the initial connection takes a little longer than expected. In short, yes I would expect many firmware updates, but I could not say specifically if this concern will be immediately addressed. I would definitely anticipate improvements to be implemented based on reports from users though.

Do you notice a difference when your phone is connected to your local wifi vs when you are on mobile data?

Not a very noticeable one. It definitely has a small edge when my phone is on the 5GHz network (vs LTE/2.4GHz).

I’m getting a new AP this week, so I’ll run a few more tests. Latency to the network device (the doorbell) seems okay however.

Was there ever a resolution to this? I think I’m experiencing the same problem with mine. The ADC-VDB770 is taking too long to connect to my panel and it’s timing out.

Mine doesn’t timeout but it still takes around 10 seconds to load which is pretty bad. I haven’t found the time to figure out the bottleneck yet.

I run both on 2.4 GHz APs.
It would be so much better if the doorbell was able to connect directly with the panel.