ADC-VDB750 Quiet Mode

I’m looking to get a smart doorbell and thinking the ADC 750 is the best for compatibility with our system. The one thing I can’t figure out is if this doorbell can be configured to have quiet hours or even manually set to a quiet mode as needed. Can this be done with the 750 wired into an existing mechanical chime, or do we have to switch to the bulkier and battery powered 780B with smart chime to get that type of functionality?

I want to know what quite mode is and how to set it ?

With doorbell cameras, there is no option to disable the mechanical or digital chime to not ring during certain hours.

With the Smart Chime, you can can control the chime tone and volume based on the time of day through automation rules. The Volume of the chime can be set outside of the rules as well, but there is no specific Quiet Hours type setting to toggle on/off

The Smart Chime works with the VDB780B, VDB750, VDB770, and the ADC branded SkyBells (which have been discontinued).