ADC-VDB750 Perimeter Guard

Hey! Does the VDB750 have perimeter guard like the 770 has?


The VDB750 does not appear to be a supported device for Perimeter Guard. The only video devices currently that supports the Perimeter Guard feature are listed below:

  • ADC-V515 on firmware version*
  • ADC-V724/724X on firmware version (supports LED and Audio Alert)
  • ADC-V523/523X on firmware version (supports LED and Audio Alert)
  • ADC-V723/723X on firmware version (supports LED only)
  • ADC-VC727P (supports LED and Audio Alert)
  • ADC-VC827P (supports LED only)
  • ADC-VC847PF (supports LED only)
  • ADC-VC728PF (supports LED and Audio Alert on firmware version**
  • ADC-VC838PF (supports LED only)
  • ADC-VDB770 on firmware version 02199+ (supports LED and Audio Alert)

*Note : While most cameras that support this feature also support Two-Way Audio, the ADC-V515 does not support Two-Way Audio through the customer website.

**Note : The ADC-VC728PF does not support volume adjustments for this feature.