ADC VDB105 doorbell

I removed my door bell, when I attempted to add my new door bell the app tells me I dont have permission ? Is this something I need to change on my end ?

Happy to assist. Which doorbell did you remove and which are you trying to add?

Regarding the doorbell you are trying to add, is it new?

When logging in to the mobile app and navigating to add the doorbell in the Video tab, can you post a picture of the exact error you are receiving?

I removed my current doorbell Skybell ADC-VDB105 on the app. I then immediately went to add under doorbell in the app, and when I select my model (same as listed above original doorbell broke) I get a message on the screen that says "customer doesnt have permission to add doorbell " . I will post a screenshot of said message

Disregard it is now allowing me to add a doorbell not sure why it wasn’t at first . Strange

Glad to hear it. If you tried to add it immediately after deleting the old one, the system likely hadn’t updated fully so you may have run into a situation where you were attempting to add too many cameras to the account