ADC VDB 770 Communication issues

I have connected my vdb 770 and it works great. The only issue I have is that people tell me that the sound coming from the doorbell speaker is very muffled. I have tested it myself and found that it is indeed muffled coming out of the doorbell. I was wondering if anyone knew anything or has heard about this issue coming up with this doorbell?

Is there any difference after a reboot of the doorbell?

Are you using the included power module?

What is the doorbell transformer V and VA rating?

How many seconds do I have to hold the button to perform the reboot?

Yes I am using the power module

I am not sure about those. How can I find out?
Our electrician who wired the house said that it is 9 and 12

You can power cycle the camera by holding down the doorbell button and releasing when the LED starts blinking yellow (about 60 seconds).

I am not sure about those. How can I find out?
Our electrician who wired the house said that it is 9 and 12

That does not sound right. You can typically find your doorbell transformer close by the main electrical panel. It’ll something look like this and the electrical characteristics are typically printed on the device.

If you aren’t sure, post a photo of the transformer with any visible labels or writing. This needs to be verified because the ADC-VDB770 requires at least 16V 10VA.

Is this the circuit breaker? My home is a new construction, and I don’t think I saw where the transformer was installed.

Is this the circuit breaker?

Yes, this is the electrical panel where your main feed enters the home. Look nearby for the transformer.

Didn’t blink yellow. First blinked blue, then white, then green, finally alternating blinking red/green.

Now my doorbell doesn’t work. Any idea how to reconnect it to my system? I don’t wanna mess with it anymore on adc app and do something irreversible.

So I looked at the data sheet earlier and found that there is a yellow blinking status light. I guess it’s really similar to the green color.

I ended up deleting the doorbell and re-adding it. Everything is back to normal. Still need to test the live answer to see if audio is still muffled. Will follow up with results when I can test