Adc-v722w help needed- splicing

I have an adc-v722w camera that has gone bad. The Wiring was very difficult to install and many pieces of drywall were removed then patched trying to get the power cable to an outlet inside the house. I would like to replace the camera but cannot remove the wire so my only option would be to cut the wire 1’ or so from the camera and splice in a replacement camera. Can this be done? Thank you for your help

Are you talking about cutting the cabling you ran to reach the camera or are you referring to cutting the camera tail itself?

Any cabling you ran to reach the camera can be cut and re-terminated as needed.

In general, please never cut the camera tail. It will immediately void any warranty, it will be really difficult for tech support to assist with troubleshooting, and even if all the wires are spliced back together perfectly (they won’t be) you will almost certainly have a reduction in quality. (data wires, specifically)

If you are only cutting the power wires portion of a tail to splice on power, that is certainly do-able, but it would void warranty so it would be something to avoid if possible.

If not possible to avoid cutting, make sure to test the camera before installing to ensure it works prior to physical modification, just to avoid unrelated initial warranty issues.

If you have any questions on how to install or maybe a second set of eyes on the physical installation, we may be able to provide tips on how best to install if you can attach a few photos of the camera and any difficulty areas you are referencing.

Thank you for the response. I will look more closely to determine what needs to be cut. From the outside wall of the house there is about 1’ or so of cable that goes to the back of the camera. I’m hoping that is the power cable. The issue is the installer years ago had to go through an outside wall of the home and run the cable diagonally down that wall to an outlet probably 10-15’ away. He had to cut holes in the dry wall and studs to fish this all the way down. I don’t think I could even pull the new cable back out with the old cable as it would more than likely not make it through the studs (the holes are probably not wide enough to accommodate 2 wires). My only option would be to cut that cable as it leaves the house and hopefully splice the new one there as well

I understand. If you can’t avoid it, just be sure to test the new camera before any physical modification of that cam.

Let us know if you can get a photo of the tail and where it goes into the wall. We can give some advice probably on whether or not another option is available!