ADC-V720W Install

I have to move over 4 ADC-V720W cameras from my old account to my new one. Do you have any pointers or tips on how to do this without pulling them all done and connecting them up to an ethernet cable?

The ADCV720W supports WPS connection, so that would be an option. You should be able to reset, then use WPS for wifi connection, then register on

The cameras are already connected to my Wifi network so no need for WPS. The issue is they are currently associated with a different account. Are you saying I should just be able to login to the new account, discover the cameras and they will associate to the new account?

Ah, no, they would need to be removed from the other account while logged into it or the old account would need to be cancelled/deleted in

If it was cancelled in the cameras would no longer be linked to an account.


Log into old account
Remove all cameras
Log into new account
Discover cameras

Yes. You can delete cameras one by one under Video Device Settings - Video Device Info. may require you to reset the cameras to add to the new account, which is why I mentioned WPS. However, you can discover the camera and try to register with new account first. will notify you during the process.