Adc-v515 turn off infrared

I bought the IQ panel and cam bundle with me new Surety plan, and while adjusting the cam I covered the lens for a moment, and it turned in the infrared LEDs and switched to infrared mode. But the room’s fully illuminated. And it stays that way forever. And there are no settings in the app. And there seems to be no discussions of this strange and unwanted behavior. What gives? Any advice?

IR kicking on is expected if the cameras light sensor detects a loss of light, like if you cover the sensor for a short time. IR will activate immediately and allow night vision.

You’ll hear a click in the camera when the IR filter turns on and off. Typically it should exit IR mode after about 5-10 seconds. Every time I test what you describe that is the behavior here, but the light sensor would need to detect a certain light level before switching the IR filter off.

In the website under Video > Settings > Video Device Info you can manually disable the IR for a camera, then re-enable as a test. Or you can try power cycling the camera.

Yes power cycling worked, thank you.