ADC users and Vista 20 user numbers?

Upon adding a new user in, what user number will be assigned in my Vista 20p / SEM. The reason I ask is because I’m encountering conflicting information on whether users should be added at the panel first or through ADC first.

I have found that users added in ADC propagate to the panel, but not vice versa. If I add it in ADC first, it propagates to the panel but then I am unable to assign a level (such as duress) without knowing the user number (which ADC doesn’t show.)

How to proceed? Thanks.

You should typically add all users via

There is currently an issue affecting Remote Duress code management. It should be resolved ASAP per conversation with, but you should be able to also do that remotely. (I’ll update here when it is resolved)

User code slots should match up to the order in which you add codes. Master user is always the primary user, followed by 2 for the next user, and so on.

Just to follow up, this issue is now resolved, and you should now have access to the Duress Code management in

To create a Duress Code in which will trigger an alarm, visit the website and navigate to the Users page.

Click on the More Options link and select “ Add Duress User

Only one duress user can be created. The icon displayed for the Duress user will be a shield and bell image.

Hi. I did exactly what you have stated. I created a Duress user and the code populated to the panel. However upon putting the panel in test mode and checking with the monitoring service, a duress code was NOT sent upon disarming with the duress code.

Hmm, can you try adding a new Duress Code one more time following the steps above, then let us know when you are done?

I’d like to look at the account history data after you add it to see if it is being sent properly to the panel, and if it looks good, we can then check the data that comes back after requesting users from the panel.

I deleted the previous duress code and added a new different duress user code.

Looks like that one is set up properly based on what is reported in ADC right now. It is showing as an actual duress user on your account rather than a regular user code at the moment. Can you place your account on test mode and give it a try?

Just to be sure I have sent a command to make sure the duress code option is enabled on the panel (it appeared it already was).

Let me know if you have any further issues.

So in test mode I see that it did generate a duress code (not sure I like seeing a notification on my phone saying duress code sent). However the duress code did not disarm the panel. I had to use a regular user code to disarm it. I would have expected that the duress code would have disarmed.

I see the duress activation, but you are right, that is strange I would expect the code to work to disarm the system.

Did the system simply react the exact same as though you put in any other incorrect code?