ADC user codes not transferring to z-wave lock

I recently installed a Schlage Z-wave lock, and paired it with my NX panel via the ADC module. Pairing was straightforward, and I’m able to lock/unlock from the ADC app with no trouble. However, when I update (add, delete, or modify) user codes in the ADC app, the NX panel does not seem to reliably sync the updated codes with the lock. I tried a few tests, and sometimes it worked, but mostly it didn’t.

Is there some sort of setting or trigger that causes the user codes to sync between the NX and the lock?

Well there may be a couple things at play.

  1. It looks like there is only one other Z-wave device. How far is the panel’s Z-wave module from the door lock? Are they on separate floors? We’ve seen many times where a simple on/off or lock/unlock command will go through, but more complicated commands like schedules/user codes fail.

By virtue of being FLIRS battery operated devices, locks do usually need a good bit of assistance from repeating nodes to be 100% reliable.

  1. Make sure testing is not being done too soon. For user codes, expect to allow 5 minutes per code prior to testing. Also, you can check under users in after sending a code to see if the system acknowledged it was successful. A resend code icon will show up beside locks on the user if it was not acknowledged.