ADC thermostats not following scheduled temps

I have two ADC smart thermostats and they are set to maintain 77 deg F day and night. The schedules in the ADC portal confirm this and there are no rules active that would change this behavior.

Despite this, every day I find the thermostats set to a different, much lower, temperature (e.g., today I found it set to maintain 73). I am the only person who touches the thermostat (no kids, guests, etc.). The HVACs are constantly running because the system is trying to maintain a much lower temperature and it keeps reverting to 73 even after I manually set it back to 77.

This is costing me a lot of money for my monthly energy bill and I need to fix this ASAP.

The only rule that might drop the set point of cool lower would be the Smart Humidity rule, but it looks like that is off.

The thermostats are likely running old or default schedule data if you are 100% sure no one is manually setting the temperature.

The first step I would suggest is to factory reset the thermostat. Then delete and relearn the thermostat into the panel. It looks like thermostat 2 is the one doing this, based on recent history.

Then, if you want to use schedules, I would try to alternate the temp in the schedule. The schedule is designed to change the temperature at specific intervals, and if the temperature would not otherwise change the rule won’t fire based on previous instruction from ADC. That means that setting the same temp for all intervals in the schedule won’t behave as expected.

It won’t set wrong temps, but it may not be saving properly and overwriting the old schedule. If you want to use schedules, try changing it to 77-78-77 or something similar as a test to make sure it is automatically switching properly.