ADC Thermostat

I know this topic has come up before, but when I researched it last year we were still waiting on a newer thermostat to be released (ADC-T3000?) so I decided to wait until we had more options.

I have a 2Gig GC2 and would like to replace two thermostats. What are my options?


  • Can monitor temperature
  • Can remotely control set point
  • Can schedule set point changes

Ideal features:

  • can monitor humidity
  • can trigger rules (i.e. turn A/C on/off) based on humidity
  • “smart” schedules (though perhaps it’s better to explicitly control)
  • can add remote temperature (and possibly humidity monitors). I.e. so can trigger A/C based on temperature other than where the thermostat is physically located.

thank you

The ADC-T3000 would be the thermostat option which would tick all the boxes. You would have access to every bullet point above assuming you also purchase the Remote temp sensor.

Even without a dedicated humidifier or dehumidifier, the smart humidity option lets you balance humidity using the AC.

The T3000 (and the older T2000) is the only compatible thermostat currently which can use the remote temp sensors. These can be then used as the only temperature reading or you can average the temp between the Tstat and the remote sensor to determine when the HVAC should run.

That sounds excellent. Where do you recommend purchasing? I didn’t see it in your store.

Is the remote sensor the ADC-S2000-T-RA or is there a new 3000?

See the following links for the Tstat and temp sensor. Yes, the ADC-S2000-T-RA is the temp sensor you’d be looking for at the moment.



Thank you! I’m glad I waited for the ADC-T3000 to come out.