ADC-T40K-HD Compatible with ADC-S2000-T

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I searched but could not find a direct answer. I found an older message that the ADC-S2000-T is still supported but not sure if it’s compatible with the ADC-T40K-HD since the newer ADC-S40-T temp senor was released.

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The temp sensors should work with any current model of thermostat, the T2000, T3000, or T40K.

Great! Thank you. Are there any advantages/disadvantages for choosing the ADC-S2000-T sensor? I found some new in the box for a good price but price savings might not be worth it.

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If buying new for a new system I would get the latest model. In general support and compatibility is always expected to last longer for the more recent model, depending on the type of device. In this case the new model of temp sensor also supports humidity monitoring. If that is important then I would def get the S40-T.

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Thank you! Appreciate the fast response and details.