ADC T3000 wiring issue

Hello, I recently purchased the new AdC T3000 thermostat. I am having a problem getting it wired up and need some help. It does not appear to be auto recognizing the wiring as it is advertised it does.
I have attached 3 pictures.

  1. The physical wiring connection of my wires to the T3000.
  2. A picture of my current thermostat wiring as described in its manual. Please note, I physically verified those connections are correct inside the furnace and I see the 2 wires that leave the furnace and go to the outdoor AC unit.
  3. The screen of the T3000 showing what it thinks the wiring connections are after I connected it per picture in 1)

The result I am seeing is that it appears to not be recognizing both the AC unit and also the fan.

Hope you can help me figure this out.

It looks like it is reporting a malfunction on currently, likely due to incomplete wiring setup info being relayed. Certain settings have no value in your configuration in ADC.

Out of curiosity, was this thermostat attached which the wires were energized? Always make sure that the power to the HVAC is turned off before making wiring changes at the thermostat. There is a strong possibility of blowing fuses/causing other problems if the wires are energized while installing.

Ultimately you have a very simple wiring setup for a normal HVAC, there’s nothing there that would cause any issues. Have you tried reconfiguring the wiring?

You would need to tap the [-] menu symbol, select Settings, Installer, Continue, Reconfig. Do you get the same result?

If you are having trouble with wiring detection you can bypass it and set up the settings manually. You would select RH only, normal HVAC (not Heat Pump), 1 stage for heat and cool, and choose whether your HVAC is fossil fuel or electric.

Hello Jason,

I had already learned the thermostat into my z wave panel before I realized it was not going to work due to the wiring mis- recognition. But after that I have physically removed the T30000 and installed my original thermostat back.
I also took out the batteries in the T3000 but yes, I receive thermostat error about once a day on my Qolsys panel for the T3000. I am guessing because I did not clear it from the z wave controller on the panel???

Yes I was very careful about the electrical power being off. I pulled the plug for the furnace power during my old thermostat removal and the T3000 connecting. But thinking now, I did not turn the power off of the separate outdoor AC unit. But when I removed the furnace power initially my old original thermostat did power off.

Ok, I can try to hook it up again and if it mis-configures the wiring again I can try the bypass procedure you mention above.
I hope that will identify the missing AC (yellow wire) and the fan (green wire).

Any other advice?

Any other advice?

Not at this time. Let us know if you run into any further issues with the suggested troubleshooting, and we can check the settings once you set it up (manually or not) in ADC to verify it all looks right.

Did this ever get solved? I have the same wiring and the auto-detection of wiring is failing in the same way. Possibly the same or similar issue

There was no confirmation of the cause in this case.

In general, recent similar concerns where wiring mapping failed were due to incorrect wiring. This can occur due to labeling differences between thermostat manufacturers (Trane, for example, has a few differences in labels that can have a big impact, some Honeywell thermostats have a confusing layout).

Another thing to watch for, the thermostat can be connected and powered by the top terminal block, and it will feel as though the thermostat is secure, but not pushed in far enough on the bottom to engage the terminals. This may cause a failure when auto-detecting wiring.

Make sure that the thermostat is firmly pressed onto the back plate at the top and bottom.

It’s also really important to make sure in the beginning, when you are selecting from the following options:

Rc only
Rh only
Rc and Rh

That you make the correct choice, do not over think it and select ‘Rc and Rh’ when you only have one physical wire. This will make the wiring detection fail or produce unexpected results every time.

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I have a pair of ADC3000 thermostats to install. My thermostat has a jumper between Rh and Rc. Should I do the same with the new thermostats?

Edit: If I switch the breaker to cut power, do I need to worry about the HVAC control unit in the attic needing to be reprogrammed? Here’s a photo of the unit in the attic…

My thermostat has a jumper between Rh and Rc. Should I do the same with the new thermostats?

No, you’ll just attach the wire to RH, select RH only when asked during setup, and this creates a digital jumper between the two. They are internally connected that way, no need for a physical jumper.

If I switch the breaker to cut power, do I need to worry about the HVAC control unit in the attic needing to be reprogrammed?

I cannot really provide adequate support for a device outside of the ecosystem like that, so any advice should be taken with a grain of salt, however I highly doubt there’s any need to worry, no programmable controller would be designed in a way that programming is lost from a power outage. You might ask your HVAC installer to be sure.

I have the exact same issue. This definitely isn’t a solo occurrence and I’ve double checked the wiring.

What is your Rh and Rc setup? Did you select that both have a wire, or just one? If you only have one wire, be sure to only select that one.

If you select both, then the device expects wiring inputs on Rh and Rc. If you select one of them, then a digital jumper is created between the two internally.

This will affect functionality and detection.

Feel free to post a photo of your wiring and the detection result.