ADC-T2000 without service

Hi! I hope you can help me. I am renting a home for 1 year. The home has an offline security system and thermostat. The current owner of the home, just purchased this home. He is renting the home to me, but has no idea about the alarm or the thermostat.

From what I can tell, the thermostat can only be used currently to advance the ambient temperature up or down. The house has no A/C, just heat. I would like to be able to turn the fan “on” to run 24/7. Is this possible? If so, what would I need to do? Would I have to purchase monitoring to be able to program the thermostat? If not, what do I do to run the fan when the thermostat is offline.

I appreciate any information you may be able to provide.

In general the ADC-T2000 is a branded Building 36 smart thermostat intended for use with a Z-wave controller. Local functions are pared down to the bare essentials, leaving programming and everything other than set-point/mode changes to be controlled through software.

This is perfect through as it is intended to be used, however if you do not have service the vast majority of features will be inaccessible.

If you are interested in making use of an system and getting started with service, this page goes over how to get started with an existing common alarm panel. If you have a different model panel, what model is in the home?

Alternatively, if you are not intending to use the alarm system otherwise, you may be able to make use of it through an alternative Z-wave controller, or request the owner replace the Tstat.

home has an offline security system and thermostat

It is likely that the offline system may provide you means to access thermostat controls for fan (and emergency heat).

Remote online/ service is not required. If the panel is 2GIG, here is how to access fan settings (and set Fan to Manual):

home/services/zwave/thermostats/general thermostat v2

Access T2000 tstat settings on panel for Mode (heat/cool/auto/em heat (aux heat)/off), and Fan (auto/manual):

This is true, if the alarm panel is still present and functional and the Thermostat is learned into it/communicating properly, you could control a few settings through the panel, depending on the model. What model of panel is in the home?

Keep in mind you may be limited on troubleshooting options if a problem occurs though unless you have access to the panel’s codes.