ADC-T2000 wire terminals broke

We are wrapping up our new house and I got the ADC-T2000 unit I used at our last house out of storage and found that a few of the plastic tabs that get pushed down to insert or remove the wire must have broken when removing it when we moved. It looks like that whole board (mine says building 36) can easily be removed and replaced. Do you know if there is any way to get another board from I can provide pictures if needed as well. Would hate to buy a new one just because of that small board having the terminals broken. Thanks!!

Those tabs can be very delicate. Do the tstat wires still hold? Typically they do even without the tab but you will want to check. Unfortunately, there are no extra parts/boards/terminals sold separately.

The one doesn’t seem to be holding. However I found a new one on ebay for $50 so I jumped on that and will just swap out parts and maybe keep the old one as a spare. Thanks guys!