ADC-T2000 Turning Itself Off?!

I have two ADC-T2000s, both are set to Mode: Auto, Schedule: On, Lock: Enabled.

This morning I woke up and BOTH the ADC-T2000s are set to Mode: Off and the house is freezing. There is no activity in the ADC account showing the thermostat settings have been changed.

Any ideas what could be causing this?

Is this regarding a suretyDIY service account? I am not seeing a related subscription.

If you do not have service through suretyDIY we’re happy to help with questions, but in this case we would unfortunately be unable to view any back-end details regarding your system’s dealer-visible history.

The likeliest explanation is that the Advanced config thermostat lock did not succeed and they were locally turned off. You could try adjusting them locally to check.

Without being able to see the schedules that are saved, I would guess there may have been an error with the schedule. Did you recently set the schedule or is it one that has been in place and functioning a while? Keep in mind that if you just recently set the schedule, it would only change at the next scheduled change point. It would not immediately change when you save the schedule. Also, if all the temperature set points are the same in the schedule, no changes would occur regardless of local adjustment.

I am the only one in the unit, and I did not turn them off. There has been no schedule change, both of them are on different schedules. None of that response seems to explain why both thermostats turned themselves to off.

As above, unfortunately if you do not have service through suretyDIY we cannot see any of your account details or dealer account history. We can only suggest likely causes.

suretyDIY is a dealer that uses services. We are not representatives of or any other security dealer.

If you need assistance with determining the origin of events on your system please be sure to contact your current service provider. They may be able to assist with information found in dealer history including the time the change occurred.

Another possibility btw is something like the sensor left open override which can be set to turn the Tstat to Off mode if a selected sensor is left open for a period of time. Do you have one of those rules set up?