ADC-T2000 Tstat full control?

So what’s the deal from ADC regarding getting full control of the T2000? (Advanced and Installer tabs)

Cuz I am getting tired of having a “Smart” thermostat that I have minimal control of. I am debating putting my carrier Tstat back up, and trashing the crippled T2000.


I am supposed to be getting an update on this later today, actually.

And actually I just got an update. Impressive timing. Can you log out and log back in and see if the advanced tabs are available?

Not available. No change

So is it just me, or is no one else getting this access?

No, I just looked and I don’t see it either.

just checked mine-no advanced settings listed yet

Advanced settings now visible on mine as of 11:30pm 8/8/15

I got control too.

Just a heads up, I think these are being configured improperly for heat pumps. For example, Under installer, “Aux heat stages” are your stages of heat, whereas “heat pump stages” are actually your stages of cooling, and under advanced, “pump staging delay” is the delay between cooling stages (very confusing). Click the “?” and it will tell you.

So, in my case, I have 1 stage of cooling, 2 stages of heat with a differential of 5°, and staging delay of 15min (Y first stage heat/cool, W AUX second stage heat). Hopefully the below is properly configured for the above.

That’s nice and granular.

All thermostat owners should now have access. This also includes CT100 owners, however there are very few configuration fields, comparatively.

What was the solution to get advanced access. Mine does not appear to show up yet. Now that temps finally dropped want to make sure settings are right and working the way I want. Appears ok but want to be sure before too many more days of cold temps.

Are you a suretyDIY subscriber? If so please email and request the features be enabled (they should already be)

What was the solution to get advanced access

The solution is to contact your dealer/provider and have them enable the features on your ADC interface. Not all providers want you to have full access. In such a case, where your provider doesn’t want you to have installer and advanced tstat access, you are SOL.

Ok thanks